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Copying Locked Files

For many years I have used the Windows Backup tool to save video files I had finished viewing in a browser. By taking advantage of the Windows “Shadow Copy” functionality, you can do this despite the files being copy-protected. Still, though, the Windows Backup method does NOT work with Google Video. It doesn’t work because Google Video “locks” the file in addition to copy-protecting it. This causes Windows Backup to skip the file during backup.

So what to do? Continue reading

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WinXP “out of memory”?

If you manage to get past the “insufficient system resources” issue discussed earlier, at least on WinXP systems running with 2GB of RAM you may run into a further memory-related issue: the “out of memory” error. Continue reading

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“Insufficient System Resources” in WinXP

By adding one registry key in particular, I was able to restore system performance to the same levels I remember from long long ago. That key deals with a concept I had never heard of previously, so-called “kernel memory”. Continue reading

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