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On the Origins of Money and Bitcoin

Recent textual analysis done on the original bitcoin whitepaper leads down interesting paths. At a minimum, it is strong evidence that significant parts of the writing in the whitepaper entitled bitcoin.pdf came from Nick Szabo’s keyboard. Moreover, it seems clear that Szabo was one of the key thinkers contributing CPU-time to what eventually evolved into today’s cryptocurrencies. Continue reading

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An Under-Appreciated Power of Media

Where does this so-called “wùmái” (雾霾) come from? Is the air any better or worse this year than last? It doesn’t seem too different to me, but in any case, the media won’t help you much to get an answer to that question. Continue reading

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The Importance of Caring

What happens to a person when he ceases to care about his or her fate? What happens to groups? In his book Descartes’ Error, Antonio Damásio makes a strong case that emotions are the mechanism which helps translate the survival urge into good decision-making. Without them, chaos results. Continue reading

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