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Inflation Jiujitsu in Shanghai

Rare it is to admit – but I am coming to realize that inflationary pressures can have their bright sides. Continue reading

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All Markets Are Political

All markets are political in one way or another. Major stockholders manipulate the stock of companies they control. Investment funds and banks manipulate stocks and commodities in which they are investing. And governments are certainly tempted to manipulate almost everything, from equities to commodities and certainly their own currencies. Continue reading

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Infant Formula Trafficking – An Extra Dose of Mafan

Since the 2008 melamine scandal, confidence in Chinese domestic suppliers of infant formula (奶粉) has understandably been low. Given the general lack of awareness of the downsides of pasteurization, imported infant formula made from pasteurized milk has been all the rage. Continue reading

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One more mysterious plague not (yet) in the news?

It seems that the Chinese government learned at least one memorable lesson from the 2003 SARS episode: epidemics are really messy affairs, and no good for tax receipts. These days it seems a new plague is on the upswing, one characterized by apparent immune system deficiencies reminiscent of AIDS. Continue reading

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Expressing Possession

To take / to receive / to give / to have / to own…. when we look back in time these ideas seem to have all been jumbled up. To see how, let’s take the roots of ‘receive’ – from re + cipere, and of ‘give’, allegedly from *kap- and *ghabh-, respectively, according to Pokorny. Besides the above, what words can we find that use these roots? Continue reading

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On Memory

It would seem that “memory” takes quite some time to warm to its task. Why is this? Is it perhaps because the mind must first build categories – file folders as it were – in which to store these memories?
Continue reading

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MMS2 / Hypochlorous Acid – Ibuprofen Watch Out

Jim Humble’s MMS2 – calcium hypochlorite – works fast. Moreover, unlike MMS1, it is easy to take and not hard on the stomach. In combination with water it generates hypochlorous acid (HClO) in the stomach, a weak acid native to animal bodies which apparently attacks uninvited guests. Continue reading

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