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Corruption & Inefficiency Under Fascism

Corruption and inefficiency are phenomena which we tend to associate with government. And yet, under a fascist system where many large business enjoy a cushy relationship with government, we should not be surprised to encounter the exact same phenomena in those ostensibly “private” companies Continue reading

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Straßen unter einem schwachen Staat

Wer das Leben unter einem schwachen Staat ausprobieren möchte, dem kann ich Paraguay wärmstens empfehlen. Der paraguayanische Staat interessiert sich fürs Absahnen (wie alle andere), aber grundsätzlich für fast nichts anderes. Der Staat macht sehr wenig, das absolute Minimum. Continue reading

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Statism & Violence

In today’s statist age, the right to self-defense is very easily forgotten. It is also forgotten that violence is a trademark of a statist society. The more statist the society and outlook of the inhabitants, the more violence is the result. Continue reading

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What Makes A Government Legitimate?

Eric X. Li asks: What makes a government legitimate? “93% of China’s generation-Y are optimistic about their country’s future! If this is not legitimacy, I’m not sure what is.” In fact, according to the Pew poll, Chinese have more confidence in their leaders and future than any other country surveyed. Continue reading

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For those who minds are filled with elections

Are you sure that the whole show is worth taking seriously? Think about it. After all, you seem to have a pretty good grasp of what is going on…. so why not follow the rabbit down the hole to the obvious conclusion? If it’s all a game, then… why play along? Continue reading

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Living under the terrorist state

While there is probably no state whose inhabitants are never subject to terrorist raids, the type of terrorism which has become commonplace in the US seems quite exceptional. Is this perhaps a symptom of the fact that the feudalistic profit-sharing … Continue reading

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Iron Rice Bowls In Demand

The “entrance exams” for government jobs are packed. Private sector industry is actually losing highly paid skilled staff to government. Once again for the first time in living memory. It seems that given the choice between perceived security without meaning and meaning without perceived security, in many circles meaning doesn’t fare too well. Continue reading

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