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E-Currency Trading in China – Addendum

According to the self-reported volumes, today reported a volume of 186,000 bitcoins traded – close to 1 billion RMB. #2 worldwide was OKCoin with about 46,000. While impossible to verify, given the actual market liquidity and rapid movement, there … Continue reading

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E-Currency Trading in China

Chinese financial markets don’t typically get a lot of press in the English-speaking world, with the occasional exception of some finger wagging about the lack of proper government controls over what goes on, or the occasional reference to a “shadow … Continue reading

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Property & Registration in Today’s China – Strange Stuff

Whereas prior to approximately 2000 registration was linked to mere occupancy rights, now it is linked to ownership. Without ownership, no registration. And without registration, you don’t get the various prized state goodies on offer. In particular, your children don’t enjoy the right to attend the local public schools. Continue reading

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Outsourcing in the Chinese Restaurant Industry

It is hardly a secret that division of labor and specialization are important keys to economic efficiency. The Chinese restaurant industry must surely count as a world leader in this regard. These days the vast majority of restaurants outsource a substantial portion of their dishwashing to third party companies. Continue reading

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How To Goose A Market – 2013 Version

Is it possible for a market maker with very ample resources to convince the public to buy and hold something which has no intrinsic and only very limited transactional value? Yes – but it takes some skill… and is hard to sustain. Continue reading

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China’s New Silver Bank – ICBC

Bank in Chinese is 银行 – literally “silver merchant”. Alas, like so most countries around the world, China has not had a real “silver merchant” for half a century. With their paper gold accounts, Hong Kong’s banks have arguably come close. But no silver.

That has now changed. Continue reading

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Inflation Jiujitsu in Shanghai

Rare it is to admit – but I am coming to realize that inflationary pressures can have their bright sides. Continue reading

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