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“Insufficient System Resources” in WinXP

By adding one registry key in particular, I was able to restore system performance to the same levels I remember from long long ago. That key deals with a concept I had never heard of previously, so-called “kernel memory”. Continue reading

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Innovation in the free market

Walking down the alleyways of China there seem to always be advertisements with cell phone numbers pasted on telephone booths, pedestrian overpasses and utility poles. First they showed pictures of scantily clad females over the cell phone numbers, then promotions for … Continue reading

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15 August 2010 – No Farmville Day in China

For a country where the government plays such a limited role in everyday economic life, the government never ceases to amaze with its occasional spurts of totalitarian fervor. To commemorate the recent mudslide disaster in Zhouqu / Gansu, today all online … Continue reading

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Breaking the “IP” Taboo

I must admit having found Jeffrey Tucker’s November 19, 2009 lecture on the Evils of Intellectual Property to be a relief. Like so many others, I never was able to embrace the concept of so-called “intellectual property”. I think I never … Continue reading

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Cultures of Depredation

“Taking the State wherever found, striking into its history at any point, one sees no way to differentiate the activities of its founders, administrators and beneficiaries from those of a professional-criminal class.” – Albert Jay Nock in Our Enemy, The … Continue reading

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Power of Faith

Today I heard a novel explanation why Chinese real estate prices “will never fall”. Because, so the gentleman explained, “prior to 2006, the government ran huge deficits. Since then, thanks to land sales and real estate taxes, these deficits have … Continue reading

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The Fruits Of Society’s Wealth (Part 1)

If Mises, Hazlitt and the contemporary Austrian school are to be believed, all government spending ultimately can be attributed to some form of theft – outright theft via taxation or gunpoint, or theft of the more subtle type via inflation. The logic … Continue reading

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