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On the Origins of Money and Bitcoin

Recent textual analysis done on the original bitcoin whitepaper leads down interesting paths. At a minimum, it is strong evidence that significant parts of the writing in the whitepaper entitled bitcoin.pdf came from Nick Szabo’s keyboard. Moreover, it seems clear that Szabo was one of the key thinkers contributing CPU-time to what eventually evolved into today’s cryptocurrencies. Continue reading

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The mysterious Sino-German connection

As discussed in a previous post, to anyone reviewing the evidence in detail, it is difficult to deny the obvious long list of cognates between Proto-Indo-European (PIE) and Chinese. These cognates include numerous  elements of core vocabulary: verbs, nouns and … Continue reading

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Memorable Etymologies

These days it is becoming increasingly simple to find etymologies online. I’ll list some memorable word collections here (and add to it later). Those that strike me tend to be those which reveal cognates which I had not previously thought of. Continue reading

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Expressing Possession

To take / to receive / to give / to have / to own…. when we look back in time these ideas seem to have all been jumbled up. To see how, let’s take the roots of ‘receive’ – from re + cipere, and of ‘give’, allegedly from *kap- and *ghabh-, respectively, according to Pokorny. Besides the above, what words can we find that use these roots? Continue reading

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Power of Faith

Today I heard a novel explanation why Chinese real estate prices “will never fall”. Because, so the gentleman explained, “prior to 2006, the government ran huge deficits. Since then, thanks to land sales and real estate taxes, these deficits have … Continue reading

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IE Cognates in Ancient Chinese

It seems fairly obvious to me that much basic Chinese vocabulary shares common origins with comparable European terms. Linguistic evidence is complemented by legends about China’s legendary nation-founding Xuanyuan Huangdi contained in the Book of Rites (Lĭjì / 禮記). If the 禮記 is to … Continue reading

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