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Who’s Paying The Bills

Today I read that over 40% of all Americans are now receiving some sort of government aid. If we assume that’s roughly accurate, and add to that all of the Americans who are employed by government (about 7.5% excluding schools & post office staff) or who are being supporting by them, we already get 55%. Continue reading

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Socialism 2.0

According to news reports, the British tax department has now floated a “proposal” to mandate that all salaries henceforth be paid via the State. The State can be then very sure that no-one is getting more than his or her “appropriate share”. Continue reading

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Are Humans Water-Based Creatures? Or Oil & Water-Based?

Humans – and all other animals for that matter – are water AND fat-based creatures. In essence, our bodies are composed of trillions of tiny little “intelligent” plastic sacks. Continue reading

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Temple of State

Memories of Alexanderplatz If official statistics are to be believed, on Friday the 10th of September the 2010 Shanghai “World Expo” surpassed the 50m visitor mark. Admittedly it’s a bit hard to figure out how this could be the case … Continue reading

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The Payoff: A Tale Of Housing And Cars

In 2008 China had the third largest automobile market in the world. In 2009 China had the largest. Collectively China’s driver-consumers passed their Japanese and American counterparts in the much-acclaimed race to consume the most cars and trucks. And it was not a … Continue reading

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Second guessing the politicians

These days playing the markets increasingly means guessing what the PTB are likely to do next. Or to put things another way, it means guessing the interplay between intervention in markets on the part of governments and their buddies on the … Continue reading

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Official Support for Mises in China?

Impressively for a writer whose primary claim to fame in the context of socialism is his demonstration of its ‘inevitable’ impractibility, Ludwig von Mises enjoys a substantial following in today’s China. Many of his books, including his rather touchy Die … Continue reading

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