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An Under-Appreciated Power of Media

Where does this so-called “wùmái” (雾霾) come from? Is the air any better or worse this year than last? It doesn’t seem too different to me, but in any case, the media won’t help you much to get an answer to that question. Continue reading

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The Importance of Caring

What happens to a person when he ceases to care about his or her fate? What happens to groups? In his book Descartes’ Error, Antonio Damásio makes a strong case that emotions are the mechanism which helps translate the survival urge into good decision-making. Without them, chaos results. Continue reading

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Genetics of Character Type

As Carl Jung rightly pointed out, many a mother with multiple children can tell you that each one had its own particular “character” from very early on. This is because all humans – and probably all mammals as well, for … Continue reading

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On Memory

It would seem that “memory” takes quite some time to warm to its task. Why is this? Is it perhaps because the mind must first build categories – file folders as it were – in which to store these memories?
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The Bubble Economics of Crime

An intriguing side benefit of all the money printing has been a decided shift in focus to white-collar crime. Bicycles and umbrellas are now safe! Continue reading

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Iron Rice Bowls In Demand

The “entrance exams” for government jobs are packed. Private sector industry is actually losing highly paid skilled staff to government. Once again for the first time in living memory. It seems that given the choice between perceived security without meaning and meaning without perceived security, in many circles meaning doesn’t fare too well. Continue reading

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Power of Faith

Today I heard a novel explanation why Chinese real estate prices “will never fall”. Because, so the gentleman explained, “prior to 2006, the government ran huge deficits. Since then, thanks to land sales and real estate taxes, these deficits have … Continue reading

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