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Government Spending Levels & Economic Freedom

Every year various bodies around the world compile various freedom indexes, combining a number of statistics and their own special formulae to come up with a final definitive ranking. One that is referenced by Wikipedia’s comparison of worldwide economic stats … Continue reading

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IE Cognates in Ancient Chinese

It seems fairly obvious to me that much basic Chinese vocabulary shares common origins with comparable European terms. Linguistic evidence is complemented by legends about China’s legendary nation-founding Xuanyuan Huangdi contained in the Book of Rites (Lĭjì / 禮記). If the 禮記 is to … Continue reading

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Etymology of αγαθός & good

Official received wisdom seems to be that neither “αγαθός” (good in classic Greek) nor “good/gut/goed” have cognates outside their particular language families. 是吗? Like so many other parallels between Germanic, Chinese and Greek words, today they sure look similar to me.

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Etymology of the Chinese word “ming”

Like so many other terms from basic Chinese vocabulary, the word 名 ming (“name”) seems to have arguably recognizable cognates in European tongues – a borrowed aha moment from Mark Swofford’s site: “[…] There is little doubt that it is cognate … Continue reading

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Safety for Shanghai

Finally the Chinese State is stepping in to protect the peasantry. For the most part the minions of the Chinese State are much too busy with personal enrichment to bother with such matters, but presumably due to the so-called World … Continue reading

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Φανερός – The Obvious

Φανερός – the obvious. It often seems like these are the hardest insights to come by. Continue reading

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