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Free choice means mixed results

If in a certain sector of society free choices are severely curtailed, then many people will tend to forget the fact that free choice comes at a price. In such a case, they may well react with shock when witnessing the consequences of bad choices. Why? For the simple and understandable reason that they have little experience with the upside offered by good ones. Continue reading

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E-Currency Trading in China – Addendum

According to the self-reported volumes, today huobi.com reported a volume of 186,000 bitcoins traded – close to 1 billion RMB. #2 worldwide was OKCoin with about 46,000. While impossible to verify, given the actual market liquidity and rapid movement, there … Continue reading

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E-Currency Trading in China

Chinese financial markets don’t typically get a lot of press in the English-speaking world, with the occasional exception of some finger wagging about the lack of proper government controls over what goes on, or the occasional reference to a “shadow … Continue reading

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On the Origins of Money and Bitcoin

Recent textual analysis done on the original bitcoin whitepaper leads down interesting paths. At a minimum, it is strong evidence that significant parts of the writing in the whitepaper entitled bitcoin.pdf came from Nick Szabo’s keyboard. Moreover, it seems clear that Szabo was one of the key thinkers contributing CPU-time to what eventually evolved into today’s cryptocurrencies. Continue reading

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How To Goose A Market – 2013 Version

Is it possible for a market maker with very ample resources to convince the public to buy and hold something which has no intrinsic and only very limited transactional value? Yes – but it takes some skill… and is hard to sustain. Continue reading

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