For those who minds are filled with elections

Are you sure that the whole show is worth taking seriously? Think about it. After all, you seem to have a pretty good grasp of what is going on…. so why not follow the rabbit down the hole to the obvious conclusion? If it’s all a game, then… why play along? Other than for amusement, how many minutes of your CPU time is it worthy of? I mean, sure, political decisions do make a difference – such as those to create trillions of new dollars, or to prevent teenagers from selling lemonade on the street, or to deny medical freedom, or to send poor youngsters from one country to kill other poor youngsters from other countries. But these are different matters entirely from the election show(s). Those are merely there to create a false sense of legitimacy for those nasty political decisions.

Face it, “democracy” is just a big game, a big illusion. Moreover, it always has been.

It’s also a religion which it is blasphemous to criticize. Priests (aka Supreme Court ‘justices’) are in place to keep watch over the legitimacy of the system, so the masses needn’t worry their pretty heads about such high matters. While there are always a few bad apples, these are the exception to the rule of justice, right? Does such an assumption stack up with their track record?

The truth is, faith in the neutrality of the courts is incredibly resilient. People are taught that by virtue of this not-to-be questioned concept, they are supposed to put up with their lot and make the best of matters, because no matter how bad the results, under democracy “the people” rule. They are also taught to look to the State for solutions to all of their problems, despite the state’s terrible track record on this front — and instead of finding workarounds for themselves.

I suggest you might want to choose to opt out of the faith. It’s a faith with a terribly low return on investment.

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