Living under the terrorist state

While there is probably no state whose inhabitants are never subject to terrorist raids, the type of terrorism which has become commonplace in the US seems quite exceptional. Is this perhaps a symptom of the fact that the feudalistic profit-sharing model has broken down over wide areas there? In other words, have the proceeds of the state’s standard coerced “profit-sharing” model simply become insufficient to satisfy the appetite of the predator class? Terrorist raid in Roxbury MA 2008After all, as soon as the geese cease to lay golden eggs, they no longer require coddling.

If this LRC article is to be believed, on average approximately 200 so-called “no-knock” raids are now inflicted every day on the unfortunate US population:

A pre-dawn terrorist raid in Billings Montana left a 12-year-old girl with first- and second-degree burns after one of the armored heroes threw grenades through the window of her second-floor bedroom. The terrorist gang leader claimed that the no-knock raid – one of about 70,000 carried out in the U.S. each year – was part of a “narcotics investigation”. No drugs were found, and no arrests were made. [Note: Newspeak partially translated into standard English.]

Another recent egregious attack is documented here on video. The raided couple was apparently assaulted for advocating a return to constitutional rule:

Once again reminds me how lucky I am to live in a state which is mostly preoccupied with simple corruption.
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