On Memory

Why memory grows on you

For most, earliest memories seldom predate age 5. And even where some memories do remain, they are extremely spotty and typically tied to “memorable” events. In my case, my earliest memory is being outside during a very hot and muggy summer, thinking I was going to die of the heat.

It would seem that “memory” takes quite some time to warm to its task. Why is this?

Is it perhaps because the mind must first build categories – file folders as it were – in which to store these memories? Surely the mind does not come into being with a long list of preinstalled categories.  Assuming that is in fact the case, it is equally logical that the assembly of suitable categories will take a certain amount of time. Furthermore, is it not equally logical that without these categories, memories will either not be formed, or perhaps – due to the lack of filing system – not be easily retrievable?

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