MMS2 / Hypochlorous Acid – Ibuprofen Watch Out

I must say, Jim Humble’s MMS2calcium hypochlorite (次氯酸钙) – works fast. Moreover, unlike MMS1 (aka MMS), it is easy to take and not hard on the stomach. In combination with water it generates hypochlorous acid (HClO) in the stomach, a weak acid native to animal bodies which apparently attacks uninvited guests. If Wikipedia is to be believed, within the body hypochlorous acid is produced by so-called neutrophils (中性白血球, the most common type of white blood cells) and is somehow involved in the “bactericidal” process.

Regardless of what is actually going on, I can attest that at least in some cases it stops fevers and headaches within minutes – sometimes even faster than ibuprofen. I suspect it may well fail to achieve the same effect in cases of the flu (“inflammations” – see but that remains to be tested.

Updates to follow.

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One Response to MMS2 / Hypochlorous Acid – Ibuprofen Watch Out

  1. Dario Riffee says:

    ibuprofen is one of the best medicines to take when you are suffering from pain. ”

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