Socialism 2.0

According to news reports, the British tax department has now floated a “proposal” to mandate that all salaries henceforth be paid via the State. The State can be then very sure that no-one is getting more than his or her “appropriate share”.

It is ironic how shocked businesspeople from “socialist China” can be when confronted with the maze of rules and regulations taken for granted in the “capitalist West”. How words do twist and turn in their meaning. Perhaps even Eric Blair would be impressed.

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2 Responses to Socialism 2.0

  1. two_worlder says:

    i can see them selling this as protection for the children (child support witholding) crime victims (restitution payments) or any number of emotional causes.

    Hey it’s not new – the USA does this with tax payments – 100% paid to the federal government and coaxed back to the state by legislators.

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