15 August 2010 – No Farmville Day in China

For a country where the government plays such a limited role in everyday economic life, the government never ceases to amaze with its occasional spurts of totalitarian fervor.

To commemorate the recent mudslide disaster in Zhouqu / Gansu, today all online games are taking a holiday. Videos are also frowned upon, though apparently there opinions differ. (Youku no, Tudou yes). Nor are we limiting ourselves to virtual amusement – karaoke, amusement parks etc. – all closed. (No mention of the massage parlors though.) The State Council (国务院) has spoken. And yes, this even includes the Chinese version of Farmville (http://games.qq.com). I wonder if this means all the crops will wilt? Or is it perhaps just a trick to allow the neighbors from Zhongnanhai to pilfer them all?

P.S. Luckily eating is still OK – restaurants are still on white list.

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One Response to 15 August 2010 – No Farmville Day in China

  1. two_worlder says:

    eating is ok but no farming? what will they eat? real chickens? what a blow to the virtual farming industry… you mean literally i have to entertain my chinese wife without her virtual farm? another burden for the overworked american…

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