China’s medical industry also has sensitive toes

张悟本 (Zhang Wuben) – Another case study in the results of stepping on the toes of the medical industry. It seems that even in China, land of the (relatively) free, few are safe from the medical mafia. After 林光常 (Lin Guangchang) who was jailed in Taiwan for calling attention to the perils of consuming (pasteurized) dairy products and selling too many books on food-based self-medication, now yet another overly loquacious author has discovered whom he was up against. His recent book entitled 把吃出来的病吃回去 promotes doctor-free living, a clearly perilous advocacy. The book was the #1 bestseller in China for several months, purportedly causing the price of mungo beans to double. Zhang Wuben was “exposed” (by unnamed parties) as being “uncertified”. Skimming down to the middle of some of the articles on the case, it becomes apparent that those unnamed parties really couldn’t find anything to pin on him, but his clinic was closed down anyway. I guess those unfortunate folks on his 12 month+ waiting list will have to go looking again.

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