Safety for Shanghai

Finally the Chinese State is stepping in to protect the peasantry.

For the most part the minions of the Chinese State are much too busy with personal enrichment to bother with such matters, but presumably due to the so-called World Expo this summer Shanghai residents are IN LUCK.

The latest thoughtful measures:

– Powders may no longer be sent to Shanghai by mail. I suppose we must assume that “the terrorists” are known for sending dangerous powders in via the courier services.

– Shaving cream and other such suspicious liquids may not longer be taken on subway trips, at least not before 9pm when many of the screeners go home. Luckily unrepentent shavers are still welcome on the city buses.

– ID cards are now checked on trains (to Shanghai only)…. if you have one. Whatever that means.

– The warmly welcomed pereginatores from outside the realm are now banned from ”cheap” hotels. I guess the five-star hotels will always have space, right? [I must admit, I’m not quite sure what type of safety we’re talking about here.]

I trust the Shanghai city government sent an “official” thank-you letter to the US “Homeland Security” folks for all the inspirations they supplied.

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